Family services

Are you overwhelmed ? No time to do housework anymore? Our assistants are here to help you.

  • Housekeeping
  • Maintenance of the garden and of green spaces
  • Help to moving
  • Lingerie service
  • Sewing
  • Baby-sitting
  • Administrative procedures
Family services

Coiffure à domicile

Coiffure / esthétique à domicile

Save time with our hairdressers / beauticians at home. Make an appointment and our professionals come to you.

Services that make your life easier. For example, make-up on the day of your wedding...

Restaurant / traiteur à votre domicile

Friends, family at home? Take full advantage of them and have a good time! Do you prefer Swiss, French, Lebanese, Maghrebi or Russian cooking? We will find what you want! Our services range from catering delivered to a cook at your home.

Personal Shopper

In these times when advancing alone is sometimes not easy, it is fashionable to know well around. If for the gym we found the ad hoc coach, for the psychiatrist, the doc 'of circumstance, what does one do when it comes to his appearance? We rely on a personal shopper. In decoded: a pro and perso shopper

Organisation de fêtes à domicile

Each event is unique. You have decided to succeed this moment that you expected so much.

Cours à domicile

Your child has shortcomings in a subject? Do you want to learn a new language and your schedule is already very busy? The solution: home schooling

Our speakers all have a teaching experience of several years. They establish with you a training plan with measurable objectives.

Santé - Bien-être

Teeth - Appointment and contact with one of our partner dental offices (25 sites in Geneva and Lausanne) - Privileged rates

  • Dental emergency 7 days
  • Dental care
  • Whitening
  • treatments, etc
  • Medicine - Appointment and contact with one of our medical partners (between Geneva and Gland) - Privileged rates

Soins pour animaux domestiques

Or do you have to go away and do not know who to entrust your animal to? We can help you and offer you a pension.


Do not waste your time passing through the cleaning stations or taking your car to the garage. We take your car and bring it back to you at the agreed time. Result: you do not waste a half-day work

  • Car-cleaning
  • Bringing your car to the garage for maintenance

Plumbing - Locksmithing - Glazing

A clogged sink? A down boiler? Thanks to our trusted partners, you can be serviced every day, including public holidays in:

  • Plumbing
  • Locksmithing
  • Glazing

Hardware plumbing, locksmith and glazing: price quotation

Dépannage informatique

Does your computer fail to start ? A problem with your tablet and all your diary is inside?

  • PC
  • Mac
  • Laptops
  • Tablets


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