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The IMPACT Global team, based in Geneva and comprising 20 staff, is composed of coordination, programme and support staff.

  • The global coordination team provides strategic and programmatic guidance for all IMPACT programmes, and overall supervision of country teams. The coordination teams also leads the external representation and communication, including the dissemination of IMPACT products and related advocacy activities.
  • The global programme team, composed by GIS and Assessment Specialists as well as by Reporting staff, provides support to country teams through technical backstopping and verification of all IMPACT products. The global programme team also provides surge capacity to country teams, with an established rapid-deployment mechanism between HQ and country teams.
  • IMPACT HQ also hosts several support departments, including grants and project management, human resources, administration and finance.

Field outreach and presence is key to IMPACT, allowing us to collect primary information in contexts of crisis. IMPACT has a permanent presence in over 19 countries and a capacity to deploy to all new crises. IMPACT‘s country teams include IMPACT/REACH Country Coordinators, Assessment and GIS Specialists, as well as large teams of enumerators for data collection. Field staff include over 100 international experts and 400 national staff.

IMPACT Initiatives is a leading Geneva based think-and-do-tank, created in 2010 and firstly operationalized in 2012. IMPACT is a sister organization of ACTED.

IMPACT’s teams implement assessment, monitoring & evaluation and organisational capacity-building programmes in direct partnership with aid actors or through its inter-agency initiatives, REACH and AGORA. Headquartered in Geneva, IMPACT has an established field presence in over 19 countries. IMPACT’s team is composed of over 400 staff, including 100 full-time international experts, as well as a roster of consultants, who are currently implementing over 50 programmes across Africa, Middle East and North Africa, Central and South-east Asia, Eastern Europe, and the Caribbean. 


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