Volgogradsky prospekt 42
MOSCOW  (Fédération de Russie)
Mr Igor Ishchenko, CEO

Igor Ishchenko CEO of Technopolis Moscow

«One of the key priorities of the economic policy of the Moscow City Government is the development of innovations, the modernization of industry and the attraction of investment into high-technology sectors of the city's economy.

In pursuing these aims the Moscow City Government is developing special infrastructure and Technopolis Moscow is its flagship project. Technopolis also plays an important role in revitalizing an old industrial brownfield – the South Port.

There are more 40 tenants including large Russian and international industrial manufacturers like Composite Holding Company, Crocus Technology, NeoPhotonics, Mapper Lithography and Schneider Electric. Besides high-technology products, these companies create highly skilled work places and contribute to the city budget with taxes.

Today Technopolis Moscow consists of over 340 000 m2 of industrial facilities including all necessary utilities, its own customs post, and a congress center.

We expect over 5,5 000 people to be working at Technopolis by the end of 2018. Today, Technopolis is already a center of gravity for innovative companies and a venue for large events of the hi-tech industry including the Open Innovation Forum 2014.Technopolis Moscow welcomes new tenants».



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