Blv 5/20 road 4806
ZELENOGRAD, MOSCOW  (Fédération de Russie)
Mr Lyubomir Trifunovich, Manager

The open joint-stock company "Zelenоgrad innovation and technology centre" (ZITC) was founded in 1998 as an organization to assist scientific and industrial activity in the field of microelectronics, electronics and IT.

The created ZITC company was an innovation initiative of the Moscow state institute of electronic technology (technical university) (MIET) administration, a fundamental university in Russian electronics sector and was supported on the highest level by government.
ZITC’s business centre complex is a modern infrastructure, the main purpose of which is to assure the sufficient conditions in order to ensure the fundamental process of creating competitive, science-intensive and high-technology production by means of allocation of modern scientific and industrial accommodation and access to R&D, project, technological equipment and up-to-the-minute technologies to innovation companies.
The main company’s activity areas are:
- Implementation of breakthrough R&D in the field of IT, microelectronics and micro system technologies.
- Development of infrastructure for innovation activity in the field of electronics, microelectronics, nano and micro system technology, IT and realization of promising innovation projects.
- Rendering technological services in the field of electronics and microelectronics to small enterprises of Zelenograd and Moscow Region on the base of already created Multi-access centers (MAC) with modern equipment.


ZITC together with MIET is implementing a project on creating the first Technological village in Russia (with a whole area of 24 000 sq. m., a full-scale innovation complex answering the world standards and perfectly suitable for the introduction of technical and innovation factitively in the mentioned industry areas).
A Photomask production MAC with the technology level of 0,35 μm and MAC of high-accuracy assembling of electronics are functioning on the basis of the Technological village.
ZITC has established a partnership relationship with the leading world companies in the field of microelectronics, namely: Cadence Design Systems, Synopsys, Compugraphics, Chartered Semiconductor, X-Fab, TSMC and others, which makes it possible to realize R&Ds in conformity with the modern tendencies of the world microelectronics industry.
2006 was the year when ZITC became the first resident of the Special Economic Zone (SEZ) of a technical-innovation type "Zelenograd", created according to the decree of the Government of the Russian Federation. In the framework of the SEZ Zelenograd is developing scientific and research and technological and innovation activity in the following areas: development and creation of a domestic electronic and component base, micro system equipment, micro electromechanical systems, IT systems, new generation radioelectronical devices on the basis of a domestic electronics and component base.


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