5-7 Sweet Briard Road, St Clair
PO Box 660
Dr. June Soomer, Secretary General

Les objectifs de l'AEC sont basés sur les aspects suivants : renforcement du processus régional de coopération et d'intégration afin de créer un espace économique élargi dans la région ; préservation de l'intégrité environnementale de la mer des Caraïbes qui est considérée le patrimoine commun des peuples de la région ; et promotion du développement durable de la Grande Caraïbe.
its primary purpose is to be an organization for “consultation, cooperation and concerted action” for its member countries. Its framework provides a forum for political dialogue that allows Members the opportunity to identify areas of common interest and concern that may be addressed at the regional level, and the solutions for which can be found through cooperation. The ACS Membership has identified 5 areas of concern for the attention of the Association: The preservation and conservation of the Caribbean Sea. The preservation and conservation of this natural resource is a mandate of primordial importance for the ACS; a manifestation of the duty of all Caribbean citizens to protect this very tangible shared birthright. Sustainable Tourism. The importance of the tourism industry to the economic development of all the Members of the ACS transcends questions of physical size or language. Trade and Economic External Relations. The ACS provides a framework for the dialogue and activity necessary to further advance economic integration and intra-regional trade and investment, thereby improving the economic competitiveness of the Greater Caribbean region. Natural Disasters. The continued vulnerability of all countries and territories of the Greater Caribbean to the physical ravages and economically crippling consequences of natural disasters is a theme of the utmost importance on the regional agenda Transport. The proper functioning of efficient and viable intraregional air and maritime routes not only facilitates closer intraregional relations, but represents a fundamental base in the achievement of cooperation in the aforementioned areas


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