Avenue Blanc 46
GENEVE  (Suisse)
Mme Angela Keil, Présidente

Relations officielles Conseil économique et social des Nations Unies (ECOSOC)* (Ros C); Organisation des Nations Unies pour l'éducation, la science et la culture (UNESCO)* (Statut de consultation); Organisation internationale du travail (OIT)* (Liste spéciale); Organisation mondiale de la propriété intellectuelle (OMPI)* (Statut d'observateur permanent).
The International Association of Conference Interpreters – commonly known by its French acronym, AIIC – was founded in 1953 when conference interpreting was still a fledgling profession. Today it has over 2900 members in more than 100 countries with a full-time secretariat in Geneva. When applying for membership, candidates make a commitment to respect AIIC’s Code of Ethics and Professional Standards, which are at the heart of a collective effort to promote professionalism and quality. Our profession is international by nature. Its practice knows no borders, and thus it makes sense for interpreters to be organised as a single international body rather than as a federation of national groups. Conference venues are not chosen according to where interpreters live. In that sense, supply goes after demand, and not the other way around. AIIC is present throughout the world. Its members are organised in regions by place of residence. But membership is portable: when you change country of residence, you take your membership with you. AIIC is also organised on a functional basis by sectors. The Agreement Sector brings together interpreters working for the major international organisations with which AIIC has negotiated collective agreements for many years. The Private Market Sector serves as a forum for freelancers and consultant interpreters working for a variety of non-institutional clients. And AIIC's Staff Interpreters' Committee gathers all members who hold a full-time position in national or international bodies.


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