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Mme Michelle Barré, Director General
Angela Gittens began her tenure as Director General of Airports Council International (ACI World) in 2008. She was formerly airport CEO for Miami and Atlanta and Deputy at San Francisco International Airport. In other previous roles, Gittens served as Vice-President, Airport Business Services for HNTB Corporation, where she led the firm’s practice in airport business and strategic planning. And as Vice-President at TBI Airport Management, she oversaw the transition to private ownership of London Luton Airport and managed operations contracts at several airports in the US and Canada. Gittens has served on numerous aviation industry boards and committees including the FAA Management Advisory Committee, the FAA Research, Engineering and Development Committee, the National Civil Aviation Review Commission (“the Mineta Commission”), the Executive Committee of the Transportation Research Board, the Airport Cooperative Research Program Oversight Committee and the Board of Directors of JetBlue Airways. She recently became a Fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society.

L'ACI compte plus de 560 membres, aéroports et autorités aéroportuaires, exploitant quelque 1 650 aéroports dans plus de 177 pays et territoires.
ACI advances the collective interests of, and acts as the voice of the world’s airports and the communities they serve, and promotes professional excellence in airport management and operations. Objectives and Roles Maximize the contributions of airports to maintaining and developing a safe, secure, environmentally compatible and efficient air transport system;   Achieve cooperation among all segments of the aviation industry and their stakeholders as well as with governments and international organizations;   Influence international and national legislation, rules, policies, standards and practices based on established policies representing airports’ interests and priorities;   Advance the development of the aviation system by enhancing public awareness of the economic and social importance of airport development;   Maximize cooperation and mutual assistance among airports;   Provide members with industry knowledge, advice and assistance, and foster professional excellence in airport management and operations;   Build ACI’s worldwide organizational capacity and resources to serve all members effectively and efficiently.  Structure  As of January 2014, ACI accounts for 591 regular members operating 1,861 airports in 177 countries. In 2013, airports worldwide welcomed 5.95 billion arriving and departing passengers and handled 93.6 million metric tonnes of cargo and 79.6 million movements. ACI is a non-profit organization whose prime purpose is to advance the interests of airports and to promote professional excellence in airport management and operations. ACI World is based in Montreal, Canada and there are five geographical regions. To pursue work with regional governmental and non-governmental organizations, they are supported by specialized committees and task forces. Regions and Office Locations ACI Africa (Casablanca, Morocco)   ACI Asia-Pacific (Hong Kong, China)   ACI Europe (Brussels, Belgium)   ACI Latin America-Caribbean (Panama City, Panama)   ACI North America (Washington, DC, USA)


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