Palais des Nations
bureau B 560
GENEVE 10  (Suisse)
Mrs Sandra Aviles, Officer in Charge
Sandra Aviles Officer-in-Charge Senior Adviser, Programme Development & Humanitarian Affairs T: +41 (0) 22 917 36 35 Ms. Sandra Aviles is the Senior Adviser, responsible for humanitarian affairs and programme development at the FAO Office in Geneva. With more than 20 years of work experience in international development and humanitarian assistance, Ms Aviles is a specialist in donor aid policy development and financing mechanisms. Prior to joining FAO, Ms Aviles held assignments with ILO, IFAD and the World Bank and has country experience in Western and Southern Africa and parts of Asia and the Pacific (Malaysia, Myanmar, Papua New Guinea). In the course of her current work, Ms Aviles has led interagency and donor work on preparedness financing and risk management, in close collaboration with ODI. More recently, she has been asked by OCHA and CAFOD UK to peer review work on issues related to the future of humanitarian financing. A US and Dominican national, Ms Aviles has a Bachelor of Arts from the American University in Paris and has pursued graduate studies at the School of International Affairs, Columbia University with particular focus on finance and economic development, and at the Graduate Institute of International Relations and Development Studies, holding a Masters in Policy-making and Negotiations.


La FAO crée et partage des informations déterminantes concernant l’alimentation, l’agriculture et les ressources naturelles, qui font partie des biens publics mondiaux. Mais il ne s’agit pas d’un flux à sens unique. Nous jouons un rôle de trait d’union en identifiant et en collaborant avec différents partenaires dotés de compétences techniques bien établies, et en facilitant le dialogue entre ceux qui détiennent les connaissances et ceux qui en ont besoin. En transformant le savoir en action, la FAO relie le terrain aux initiatives nationales, régionales, mondiales dans un schéma de renforcement mutuel. En unissant nos forces, nous facilitons la création de partenariats entre les gouvernements, les partenaires de développement, la société civile et le secteur privé.

FAO creates and shares critical information about food, agriculture and natural resources in the form of global public goods. But this is not a one-way flow. We play a connector role, through identifying and working with different partners with established expertise, and facilitating a dialogue between those who have the knowledge and those who need it. By turning knowledge into action, FAO links the field to national, regional and global initiatives in a mutually reinforcing cycle. By joining forces, we facilitate partnerships for food and nutrition security, agriculture and rural development between governments, development partners, civil society and the private sector. 


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