No 8, Fu Tong Dong Da Jie, Wang Jing Area
PO Box 100102 86, Chaoyong District
BEIJING  (Chine)
Dr Andrew Bennett, Chair

INBAR is an intergovernmental organization established in 1997 by Treaty deposited with the United Nations and hosted in Bejing, China. It is the only Intergovernmental Organization headquartered in China. INBAR currently has 41 Member States, comprising most of the bamboo and rattan resource countries from the Global South. Since its creation two decades ago, INBAR has run projects and programmes in over 20 countries, and provided capacity building and awareness raising on the productive use of bamboo and rattan in over 80 countries.


Today, INBAR’s global programme is coordinated from its secretariat in Beijing, and put into action through country and regional offices in China, Ecuador, Ethiopia, India and Ghana. INBAR fields an international team of professionals, experts in bamboo and rattan, forestry and natural resource management, ecosystem services, socio-economics, capacity building and knowledge sharing.


All INBAR’s work is done in partnership with countries and development partners to support their efforts to develop bamboo and rattan, bringing four key benefits:


  • Improved livelihoods for rural areas and their communities.
  • Increased national economic development.
  • Better environmental security.
  • Powerful tools to adapt to and mitigate the effects of climate change.


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