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Dr Péter Futó / President

The Confederation is presented in the following major consultation forums the Consultative Forum of the Industry and the Government (VKF), the National Economic and Social Council (NGTT), the National ILO Council and the Social Council. In terms of economic importance of enterprises belonging to the member organisations, the Confederation can rely on the widest base among employer's federations on the employer side of the National Council. The Confederation holds forums, consultations and publishes its own newsletter, "Magyar Gyáripar", to inform and promote entrepreneurs.

Following Hungary’s accession to the EU, since 2004 MGYOSZ/BUSINESSHUNGARY has been full member of the European employers’ federation, in the Union des Industries de la Communauté européenne (UNICE), since 2007 BUSINESSEUROPE. Thus the interest of the Hungarian medium-sized and large enterprises, as that of Social Partners is represented and protected also at European level. In order to pursue an effective lobbying in favor of its members, MGYOSZ as the only Hungarian employers’ organisation, has been running a representation office in Brussels since 2002.
Since 2004 MGYOSZ/BUSINESSHUNGARY has been member in the International Organisation of Employers (IOE). Where it promotes and defends the interests of employers, particularly within the frame work in the International Labour Organisation (ILO).
Business representation is extended to such global spheres as the Business and Industry Advisory Committee to OECD (BIAC) where MGYOSZ experts have been expressing the Hungarian opinion and position since 2006.
Within the framework of the International Congress of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (ICIE), the Confederation maintains active partnership with industrialists’ organizations of the former CIS countries and CEE. Since 2005 MGYOSZ/BUSINESSHUNGARY has been the foundation member of CEE Federations Initiative beside the Austrian IV, the Slovak RÚZ, the Czech SP and Slovenian ZDS. The Croatian HUP joined the Initiative in 2006.

MGYOSZ is proud of its wide-spread bilateral relations and has signed several agreements of mutual assistance with partner federations in the EU and in third countries.


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