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Mr Jørgen Rønnest, Director International Affairs

At international level, DA is a member of the International Organisation of Employers (IOE) and the OECD’s Business and Industry Advisory Committee (BIAC).

The Confederation of Danish Employers (DA), founded in 1896, is a non-profit organisation funded by subscriptions from member organisations.

DA represents 14 employers’ organisations with a membership of more than 28,000 Danish private companies in manufacturing, retail, transport, services and construction.

DA's main activities are the following:

  • coordination of collective agreements
  • employment policy and skills
  • occupational health and safety
  • labour law
  • international industrial relations
  • monitoring in terms of analysis and statistics on wages, absenteeism, conflicts, etc.

DA’s objective is to influence national, regional and international policy-makers in order to increase the competitiveness of Danish companies and their access to a skilled labour force.

Over the past 15-20 years, DA has through collective bargaining agreements and support for political labour market reforms contributed to developing flexicurity. As a precondition for competitive Danish companies in a global world, DA continuously works to further develop a flexicurity 2nd generation.


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