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The National Confederation of Entrepreneurs (Employers) Organizations of Azerbaijan Republic (AEC) was established on March 05, 1999 and has officially registered on April 09, 1999. AEC is a non-profit, a self-governing public union aimed at social objectives which promotes business environment in Azerbaijan, coordinates on voluntary basis activities of legal and physical entities undertaking entrepreneurial activity irrespective of their business entity type and property form (excluding state funded organizations), helps them to find new partners domestically and oversees, protects their legal and economic rights and fosters a healthy business climate. Confederation actively contributes to economic development through promotion of strong entrepreneurial spirit in the country, aims at achiving high economic efficiency, promoting rapid  growth and successful integration into the world economy and developing sustainable private sector to improve the general welfare of the society.

 AEC properly implements responsibilities entrusted to it as a social partner representing entrepreneurs (employers) in tripartite General Collective Agreement which has been signed between Cabinet of Ministers, Trade Unions Confederation and AEC since 2001 for the development of social-economic policy and labour regulations in Azerbaijan. 

AEC is a member of International Organization of Employers, World NGO Association, International Congress of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs and other international organizations.

Confederation closely cooperates with embassies of USA, Great Britain, Germany, Italy, China, France, Iran, Turkey, Korea, Greece, Hungary, Poland, India, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Russia, and Israil in Azerbaijan and World Bank, International Labour Organization, European Union, Organization of Black Sea Economic Cooperation and other international socio-economic organizations as well as embassies of Azerbaijan Republic in foreign countires.


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