Sanayeh, Justinien Street, CCIAB Bldg, 5th floor
PO Box 11-1520
1107 208
Riad El-Solh BEIRUT  ()
Dr Fady Gemayel, President

The Association of Lebanese Industrialists (ALI), Established in 1942, is the main national association of manufacturing companies operating in Lebanon. It deals with both economic and social issues concerning business and advocates a policy of balanced industrial development for all Lebanese regions. The Association seeks to create and maintain an environment which is favorable to industrial investment, job creation, growth and development.

ALI represents Lebanese Industry and interprets the needs and recommendations of the industrial community in dealing with public institutions, including the Parliament, the Government, the Trade Unions and other organizations in Lebanon and abroad.

ALI participates actively in policy-making consultations on a very broad range of issues, including economic and social policy, labor legislation and industrial relations, social security and health care, taxation, policies for small and medium-sized enterprises, education, and research and technology, and the environment.


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