Mr Ebrahim Al Lengawi, Secretary-General

Over 75 years Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry is deemed to be the main representative of the private sector with its deep rooted history of years and the voice of the business and the commercial community encompassing all its various segments and activities. BCCI is the oldest chamber of commerce in the region and has been developing over years in terms of types and sums of services provided coping with the world’s and country’s economic and social changes and advances witnessed over the years since inception in 1939. The BCCI role has increased and advanced in accordance with the uprising and growth of new and various economic sectors and their contribution to the structure of the national economy. The national and pioneering role of the BCCI is achieved through its Board of Directors being elected by the commercial street and through its specialized arms as a symbol of its sectorial committees (24 committees) representing different economic sectors under the wide umbrella of the broad private sector in the country, this is besides the different joint committees with other stakeholders (15 joint committee), in addition to the other joint business councils for enhancing business exchanges with private sectors of other countries, whereby all the aforesaid as well is being supported by the BCCI executive and managerial team along with the related specialized centers and directorates working in conjunction with each other and constituting a whole encompassing body in providing different services and fulfilling expected role. Therefore, the Chamber is indeed responsible for defending the private sectors rights and protecting its wellbeing as a vital part and a major contributor to the overall economy through discussing issues, suggesting and pursuing solutions, seeking partnerships with concerned stakeholders, supporting private sector throughout crisis and dilemmas and minimizing negative repercussions, and increasing its effectiveness and contribution to the economic and social development in the Kingdom of Bahrain.


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