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Mme Delya Martin, President


British Section of EUW

The British Section is a centre right non-governmental organisation for women. Its aim is to stimulate interest in European and world affairs and to encourage British women to make their contribution to international understanding and participate actively in public life.

For many years the British Section has organised democracy training courses for women in Belarus, Bulgaria, Estonia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Poland and the Ukraine and organised member information visits to many European countries.

The EUW British Section has close links with the Conservative Europe Group (CEG) and other women's groups, including the Conservative Women’s Organisation (CWO).
EUW has representation on both the CWO and CEG executives.

British Section has nearly 500 members across England & Wales and welcomes new members who can join one of our branches or become direct members. Regular meetings are held at local, national and international level. Members can also join the research commissions and participate in Europe Alive and information visits.


There are 6 EUW Commissions. Their work is very important and, through our international forum, is fed into the policy making organisations at national, European and world levels.
Education & Employment       
Paule Richard
Health & Social Affairs
Margaret Stockham Turner 
International Policy
Fay Buglass
Sustainable Development
Liz Morrison
Human Rights Commission
Jennifer Secker
Europe Alive
Jill Brough

The European Union of Women celebrated its 60th anniversary in 2013. It was founded in Salzburg by Austrian MP Dr Lola Solar with the aim of enabling women to contribute to international debate and to stimulate interest in European affairs.

Today there are 18 countries in membership. The European Union of Women (EUW) has consultative status with the Council of Europe and Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations (Ecosoc). It also contributes to the work of the European Parliament through the EPP Women’s Section and national MEPs.

Over the past 60+ years, the role of women has changed and so has the EUW. The EUW now also helps women – across the continent - to take an active part in political and civic life. It helps women in emerging democracies play a role in the development of their nations from the outset. 

Through the EUW's six commissions, research work into issues of today and, more importantly, tomorrow are carried out and the results fed into various national and international bodies. The work has a unique flavour as it pulls together experience and thought provoking results from women throughout Europe who are centre-right in political thinking. 

The Human Rights Commission, for example, attracts lawyers from all member states. Europe Alive Commission, in comparison, organises cultural, economic and political visits, usually lasting 3-4 days, to member states and is open to all in membership of the EUW. 

EUW’s individual members include elected representatives of national and European parliaments, businesswomen and professional women from all walks of life.  Each member country has its own vibrant section which you can join - see your country page on this web site.

Source: UNODC

European Union of Women

ECOSOC Status: None
Type: NGO working on Drugs
Address: EUW - British Section
P O Box 52869
London SW11 2UY
Country: United Kingdom
Region: Europe
UN Languages: English
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Short description: When EUW was founded in 1953, the principal aim was to encourage European women in different countries to study and resolve common problems. EUW believes that women should be encouraged to play an active part in civic life, and membership includes business and professional women, MPs, MEPS and local Councillors.

EUW maintains regular dialogues between the National Sections through the work of the EUW Commissions and the visits organised by Europe Alive.

Particular attention is paid to issues that concern the European Parliament, the Council of Europe and the United Nations.
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