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Mme Angels Bosch Camprecios, President


Angels Bosch Camprecios

Deputy General Secretary of the Catalan Police union: Sindicat de Policies de Catalunya. From Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain. Has been with the police since 1992.

EuroCOP is a key organization where police across Europe can denounce the precarious situation in which many police officers find themselves. Most police officers must work and serve the citizens without adequate resources.

I want politicians to be committed to the police. Police officers risk their lives every day on the streets to protect citizens. In exchange, they should be offered adequate labour conditions, decent wages to support their families and, of course, the necessary resources to serve citizens as they deserve.

The European Confederation of Police (EuroCOP) is the umbrella organisation for 35 police unions and staff organisations in Europe.

Based in Luxembourg, we represent the interests of over half a million police officers in 27 European countries Today, EuroCOP is tackling issues from police cooperation across borders to a safer working environment for police officers on the street. We are determined to contribute to European policy debates and provide added value by giving a practitioners perspective.

EuroCOP was established in November 2002, and is an independent, non-profit and secular organisation and has no affiliation with any government or political party. Financed through member contributions, EuroCOP is open to any organisation representing police officers in member countries of the European Union or the Council of Europe.

Source: UNODC

European Confederation of Police (EUROCOP)

ECOSOC Status: None
Type: NGO working on Crime
Address: 617 Rue de Neudorf, L-2220
Country: Luxembourg
Region: Europe
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  • Prevention
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  • Other:'Co-operation, Networking'
Short description: EUROCOP unites 34 police staff organisations from 26 countries- representing 500,000 police employees- in a collective focus on police ethics, safer policing, and respect for human rights. It is open to any organisation representing police officers in Member Countries of the European Union or the Council of Europe, and enjoys enjoys participatory status in the latter. EuroCOP commits itself to a high level of police performance, high standards of police ethics, codes of conduct and other essential regulations. EuroCOP also works on the European level to assure high safety standards for police officers and encourages research into reducing health and welfare risks for police officers as much as possible.


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