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Euro-Mediterranean Network for Youth Trafficking Prevention (EMNYTP) is the first Euro-Mediterranean partnership dealing with prevention of trafficking of young people. EMNYTP also works in the fields of prevention of risk migration in general, targeting vulnerable young people and their communities, young migrants, refugees and asylum seekers.
EMNYTP is the only initiative in the region that provides a platform for cooperation, exchange of ideas, support for project development and databases with educational resources and experts on prevention of youth risk migration.

EMNYTP was initiated as an informal network in the UK in August 2005 and registered on 30^th of October 2007 in Thessaloniki as an independent NGO and formal network in Greece.

By now our Network covers 23 countries, represented by 74 organizations and independent experts, working for prevention of youth risk migration via research, human rights educational programs, human rights advocacy and lobbying for youth and immigration policy improvement.

EMNYTP is an international, non-governmental organization, which is independent, non-partisan, and non-commercial in nature.

EMNYTP pledges itself to create and maintain a Euro-Mediterranean network that will make prevention of youth migration at risk a higher priority on the social, cultural, and political agenda in the Euro-Mediterranean Region.

Source: UNODC



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