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Mr Cyril Ritchie, President

President 2014-2017

Cyril Ritchie

Cyril RITCHIE was re-elected CoNGO President at the 25th General Assembly held April 1st – 4th 2014 in New-York.


Short Biography


Cyril RITCHIE has been President of CoNGO for the past three years, having over the preceding 40 years served five separate terms as Secretary of the CoNGO Conference and Board and Vice President .


Cyril RITCHIE has been since 1998 Vice President of the Union of International Associations (based in Bruxelles) which has just celebrated its centenary and is the publisher of the Yearbook of International Organizations, and of the international Conference Calendar.


Cyril RITCHIE was the President of the 2006 International Civil Society Forum for Democracy, held in Doha. He was from 2000 to 2008 President of the Council of Europe INGO Grouping « Civil society and democracy in Europe » and is currently President of the Expert Council on NGO Law.


He is the President of the Federation of International NGOs in Geneva (FIIG), and is on the Steering committee of the UBUNTU World Campaign for in-depth Reform of International Institutions, based in Barcelona. He served 14 years as Executive Director of the International Council of Voluntary Agencies (ICVA), and was Chair of the World Civil Society Conference (WOCSOC), (Montreal 1999).


Ritchie has participated in many United Nations Summits and World Conferences (Food, Environment, Women, Habitat, Nutrition, Social Development, Information, Sustainable Development……).He frequently attends ECOSOC Commissions and sessions of other UN organs.


He is Chairman of the Environment Liaison Centre International, headquartered in Nairobi. Since 2008 Ritchie has been the Chair of the Board of Advisers of the World Future Council, based in Hamburg.

Since 1979 Ritchie is titular of the World Order of the Smile. He is based in Geneva, Switzerland.

CONGO’s vision is to be the primary support and platform for a civil society represented by a global community of informed, empowered and committed NGOs that fully participate with the UN in decision-making and programs leading to a better world, a world of economic and social justice.


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