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Mr Robert Tickner, President

The CHS Alliance is the first response to requests from humanitarian and development actors for quality and accountability initiatives and standards to harmonise organisational structures for the sake of their many users. The CHS Alliance is one of the largest and most influential networks in the humanitarian and development sector. The Alliance is formed by the merger of HAP International and People In Aid and brings together their more than two decades of experience in quality, accountability and people management. Creating a truly global enterprise, it already has a membership of more than 260 organisations that are headquartered in 55 capitals and operating in more than 160 countries worldwide.

With the Core Humanitarian Standard (CHS) on Quality and Accountability at the heart of its work, the Alliance intends to establish the CHS as a common reference framework for all actors who provide assistance to crisis-affected and vulnerable people.

The CHS Alliance is underpinned by the overarching principle that the provision of assistance to crisis-affected and vulnerable people is more effective when organisations and their staff and volunteers are dedicated to driving quality and accountability. By applying the Core Humanitarian Standard, with its underlying principles and nine commitments, each organisation becomes accountable for the quality of its work to the people it aims to assist, and on whose behalf it is acting. The Alliance provides support to organisations and their staff to embed the CHS in their organisational systems, management practices and activities. The Alliance continues to link closely with the Sphere Project, Groupe URD and other quality and accountability initiatives on CHS issues.

The Alliance supports its members to advance their performance, credibility and reputation, both operationally and among the international community and donors through strengthening quality, accountability and people management in their activities and management practices. The Alliance's work benefits from the reputations and legacies and successful working practices of HAP International and People In Aid. Their collective achievements illustrate how their joint experience supports the work of the Alliance, namely:

  • An understanding of the sector’s needs in relation to the application and contextualisation of standards and good practice in quality, accountability, and people management
  • Expertise in capacity strengthening and supporting, leading and influencing the sector to make changes to the way it thinks, plans and operates
  • Knowing how to facilitate collaboration between members from across the regions and with diverse mandates, anticipating what members expect from a global alliance and how to effectively meet member capacity needs

From the moment of its launch in June 2015 as a Swiss Association, the CHS Alliance has had a strategic staff presence in Bogota, Geneva, London, Nairobi and Yangon, and a governance board composed of representatives from leaders in the humanitarian and development sectors from across every region.

The CHS Alliance is responsible for developing, maintaining and promoting the CHS Verification Framework while the Humanitarian Quality Assurance Initiative, an independent auditing body, is responsible for implementing the external verification and certification component of the framework.


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