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M. Yannis Vardakastanis, President - Mme Catherine Naughton, Directrice

The European Disability Forum is an independent NGO that represents the interests of 80 million Europeans with disabilities.     >WE ARE PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES   EDF is the only European platform run by persons with disabilities and their families. Who we are We are an  independent organisation, where disabled people and the parents of disabled people unable to represent themselves are the decision makers. We are  self-advocates that believe in and campaign for the right of disabled people to be fully involved in European policy-making process. We are a  democratic organisation, in which it is our members who decide upon our work programme and policy positions. We fight for the inclusion of disabled people in society as a right; we refuse the out-of-date charitable approach to disability. We work to build a stronger and more  united disability movement, with special attention to those with significant and multiple disabilities, those who face multiple discrimination or any other form of marginalisation. We are a strong and extensive network . We build alliances with all those organisations that share our goals and help us to promote the rights of disabled people. With our partners, we exchange ideas and experience, enriching our work with their know-how and expertise. We are 80 million Europeans who have a role to play in society and refuse to be forgotten: “Visibility of disability everywhere”.    


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