Companies - International Institutions: strong and vital collaboration

On a strict accounting perspective, International Public Markets account for more than 9 000 billion dollars each year (10 to 15% of the world's GNP). More than half of the contracts are awarded to SMEs.

Whereas the most significant part is conducted through Bids, there are still gré à gré for small contracts (in general less than $10 000).

In order to work with International Institutions, it is a prerequisite to get to know them well. Where can you find these markets? How to prepare your bid? Who should you submit to?

Do you want to work with International Institutions? Are you ready?

The relationships between International Institutions and Companies are not strictly limited to market shares. There are also synergies in the following industries:

  • training (UNITAR, ILO...)
  • research (CERN...)
  • implementation of standards: some are technical (ISO), some are economic or in the bank sector (BEI,BERD...)
to name just a few...


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